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What’s U.S. Military Procurement Contract?

More than 128 U.S. military bases and their facilities are located in Japan. Every year, the U.S. military procures a variety of supplies and services, including construction, for use on and off the bases or facilities. These procurement projects generate hundreds of millions of dollars worth revenue for the local economies and create great opportunities for the local businesses. Any local firms with interests in these U.S. funded projects can participate and actually be awarded the contracts, provided the requirements are met.

The U.S. government funded projects are based on FAR, Federal Acquisition Regulations, and DFARS, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplements, for the U.S. Military contracts. Understanding the U.S. government requirements, including FAR, becomes an important factor in winning a contract and successfully carrying out the contract to its completion. Many Japanese businesses are awarded the U.S. military contracts and reap the financial benefit of them.

The U.S. Federal Government acquisition information is open to the public via electronic bulletin boards, The solicitations and bidding information are made available through those boards.

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