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Research and Advisory Service

Research and Advisory Service

Research for Federal Government related subjects

EEC has conducted a research of environmental pollutions on the returned land by U.S. Forces and Bonding system on U.S. Construction contracts by using EEC’s distinctive network. EEC is able to obtain information that would be difficult for others, and based on the collected information, EEC proposes analysis and reasonable and feasible solutions to clients. EEC’s works received a valuation, especially from government office, EEC has been consecutively awarded for research projects for further researches.

Project: Okinawa Prefecture, Environmental survey
EEC has been awarded two major research projects that could have major impact on Okinawan environmental problems and the regional economy. One of the projects deals with investigating toxic waste left in the returned lands by the U.S. military. By law, returned land after military use must be a safe habitat for the local population. In joint venture partnership with professional environmental organizations, EEC is researching past toxic waste use on the U.S. military bases in Okinawa and developing a database for the future land remediation effort. EEC has the knowledge, experience, and skills to navigate the massive military organization and to acquire vital information that would be difficult for others.
IDEA Consultants, Inc.
Working for and with as a joint venture partner, EEC provided consulting services to IDEA in the area of the U.S. military environmental remediation research awarded by the Prefectural Government of Okinawa. EEC continues with the next generation of these projects in partnership with IDEA.

International Market Research

International Market Research

EEC conducts research in defense business opportunities, creating pathways for firms wishing to enter the defense market. The firm also researches and investigates possible joint venture partnerships, distributorships, R&D partnerships, as well as intellectual property licensing opportunities for client’s venture needs.

Project: Okinawa Prefecture, American execution bond survey

Because of the U.S. military presence in Okinawa, Japanese construction companies have opportunities to participate in the Military Construction (MilCon) projects. However, one of the requirements of MilCon is bonding, specifically performance bond called surety, for insurance in case contractors face difficulty completing projects.

The concept of performance bond is unfamiliar with the Japanese insurance industry, and only a few are able to offer such services. Even major banks or insurance companies are reluctant to provide such insurance. However, for major general construction companies with financial muscle and clout, some institutions are willing to provide the services because of their long standing relationships.

This benefit is not afforded to the Okinawan small and medium construction companies. The Prefectural Government of Okinawa has awarded EEC a research project to conduct a feasibility study on performance bonding and to establish a system through which Okinawan local construction firms have access to performance bonds via American surety companies.

International Regal System and Business Custom Research

Before developing international business, it is necessary to understand laws and regulations of target market. EEC supports clients with providing knowledge on not only legal system of special industry which clients enter, but also regarding general laws and business customs.


Please contact us in case of research on international business and U.S. Military Projects other than stated above.