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Fee Structure

Fee Structure

EEC offers several fee structures depending upon the type of project. By working with clients to determine which structure provides the best solution, EEC strives to create a win-win situation for all parties concerned.
Free Initial Consultation

A free initial consultation is offered to assess a scope of requests. If additional meetings are required, an hourly fee is charged accordingly. If a contract is signed between EEC and a client for a longer term arrangement, these hourly fees charged will be credited towards the consultation contract.

Hourly Based

After the initial consultation, an hourly fee is charged for additional time. The hourly rate is set accordingly to the level of consultation, depending upon the complexity and involvement required.


After a contractual agreement has been reached and if services are to be provided continuously on a regular basis, a monthly retainer fee, is charged for future services to be rendered. The scope of services will be discussed in advance and is agreed on by both the parties. The client is able to request consulting services as specified in the agreement without further cost.

Contingency Fee

A contingency fee is payable based on revenue and/or sales generated by the contracted project with EEC. The payment conditions are determined in advance between EEC and the client. A contingency fee may be combined with other structures such as a retainer fee.

Project Based

EEC offers flexible programs that meet client’s needs. If a project is short to mid-term, and the fee structures listed above do not fit a particular assignment, a project based fee arrangement is recommended. EEC works with clients to determine the best solution for its clients. It is the firm’s belief to establish a long, fruitful business relation with all parties involved, rather than a short term profit.