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Yes, it is possible. EEC has supported many clients in many different fields. Please contact us.
Yes, we offer the service. Please tell us what kind of licenses you need for your construction project and in what form you need the staffing, i.e., on-site on full-time basis, few days a week, or as required.
Yes, it is negotiable. The first consultation is free of charge. Feel free to contact us.
A contingency fee is payable based on revenue and/or sales generated by the contracted project with EEC. The payment conditions are determined in advance between EEC and the client.
Yes, it is possible. We will work with you to get the best possible solution. Please contact us.
The premium of EECURETY is determined by criteria such as contract amount, company’s past experience which indicates its technical capability, financial status and so on. Contact us for details.
EECURETY Supporting Services are services provided for contractors in order to submit a bid, improve project processes, and complete a project.
First, EECURETY, equipped with both supporting services and financial guarantee, is a comprehensive performance bond that prevents contractors from defaulting on their MilCon projects. However, should a default occur due to contractor’s negligence, EECURETY is responsible to complete the project by bringing in new contractors to finish the project. If all else fails, the financial compensation is paid to the principle, the U.S. Military, of the performance bond.

Performance guarantee insurance provides only financial guarantee. On the other hand, performance bond provides both financial guarantee and supporting services.

  Financial Guarantee Supporting Services
Performance Bond
Performance Guarantee Insurance
There are variety of items, including foods, commodity goods, machines, construction and all kinds of services.
It is prohibited to do sales activities inside U.S. Military facilities. We suggest getting an account for Federal Business Opportunity Site. There are many sales opportunities listed in the e-bulletin which may be of your interest.
Yes, we have provided trainings on WAWF, the U.S. Military designated payment system, and seminars on U.S. Military procurement project.
Of course. We have supported many U.S. Military projects all over Japan.