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Company Overview

As the recipient of the ‘Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award’, at the time first given in Asia in 27 years, Iva E. Rose Hosaka, EEC founder, owner and president, has dedicated the majority of her career to the U.S. military environment. As former U.S. political liaison officer between the Government of Japan and the US. Forces Japan, she is an expert of “SOFA - U.S. - Japan Status of Forces Agreement” and has won our client’s trust.
President’s message:

Ekistics EpiCenter, Inc. has dedicated in client’s problem-solving and rising corporate value in the field of the U.S. Government and the Japanese Government related contracts and international business for 20 years since its foundation.

The word “Ekistics” means “a science dealing with human settlements and drawing on the research and experience of professionals in various fields”. The word “EpiCenter” is comprised of Greek words “epi,” meaning upon, and “center.” Combined together, EpiCenter means core or origin of activities. With an Okinawan intercultural background, Ekistics EpiCenter strives to be a driving force in bridging the global community.

U.S. Military Forces has had great impact on not only Okinawa’s culture, but also on local economy for over 70 years since the end of World War II. One of the results of the co-existing environment with U.S. Military Forces is the U.S. Military Contract business. This market plays an important role in the local economy.

At present, due to the restructuring of U.S. Bases, business globalization, and revolution of technology, areas of activities are expanding and becoming cross cultural. It is necessary for firms to adapt to such rapid changes in environments by reforming or generating new business model in order to create new corporate value.

Since its inception, EEC has mainly provided consulting services in the U.S. Government and Department of Defense projects. In addition, the firm recently expanded its business activities to support partnership building between Japanese firms and oversea enterprises. Created by ever growing globalization of economy, our client’s needs are becoming more international. In order to meet our client’s needs, EEC business has expanded to international business beyond the U.S. military market, functioning as a liaison between our Japanese clients and their counterpart.

EEC’s staff consists of seasoned professionals who have expertise in Federal Acquisition Regulations and other various areas of the U.S. Military contracts, providing high quality services and collaborative effort for clients. The staff is predominantly English-Japanese bilingual, and perhaps more importantly, bi-cultural. EEC is equipped to serve clients with not only language proficiency and professional expertise but with business bi-cultural adeptness.

With a long history of trade with foreign entities, Okinawans has integrated different cultures of its trading partners, creating a unique cosmopolitan culture. EEC is the embodiment of Okinawa’s intercultural background, an ideal business partner for companies with aspirations to expand its business to the international market. EEC strives to be a driving force bridging the global community by providing high quality services and expertise to clients.

Company Name:
Ekistics EpiCenter, INC.

Common Stock:
40,000,000 JPY

Head Office
4-17-11 Jitchaku
Urasoe, Okinawa
901-2122, Japan
+1 98-870-0680
+1 98-870-0730

November 1997: Ekistics EpiCenter, Inc. was founded in Naha, Okinawa, as a consulting firm, providing services to the U.S. Government contracts.
April 2003: EEC’s founder, Iva E. Rose Hosaka also become the CEO of Executive Link, LLC.
2005:EEC started its consulting service for the U.S. military construction contracts
April 2016:EEC formed business partnership with Market En, Inc. and established a Tokyo liaison office.

List of Clients
A partial list of EEC’s clients. If a client wants to remain confidential, EEC respects and protects their privacy.

Environment IDEA Consultants, Inc.
AECOM Technology Corporation
Construction NIPPO Corporation
Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
Penta Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.
Tsuchiya Construction Co., Ltd.
Taikisha Ltd.
West Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
CH2M Hill, Inc.
Logistics Nippon Express Co., Ltd.
Matson, Inc.
Fuel and Energy Ryuseki Corporation
ISO bunkers LLC
Government The Prefectural Government of OKINAWA
Japan Ministry of Defense
Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Tourism
Japan Self Defense Force
U.S. Department of Transportation
Local Governments in Okinawa
Personnel Staffing Tempstaff-Forum K.K.