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Procedures for Bidding

Procedures for Bidding

About U.S. Military Acquisition Information

The U.S. Federal Government acquisition information is open to the public via electronic bulletin boards, The solicitations and bidding information are made available through those boards. Major electronic bulletin boards are below:
  1. FBO GAS Administration
  2. Asia NECO NAVFAC Administration

What is FBO?

Federal Business Opportunity, FBO, is a web-based bulletin board, administrated by The General Service Administration, GSA. The site provides all of the solicitation information by the U.S. Government. The purchase amount over $25,000 of supplies and services must be announced to the public.


The result of inquiry varies every day since new projects are added daily.

Try to use key word inquiry to narrow down information.

What is Asia NECO?

Asia NECO, Asia Navy Electronic Commerce Online, is administrated by NAVFAC, Naval Facilities Engineering Command. This web-site provides the acquisition information of U.S. NAVFAC and opportunities for bidding


In order to log-in to the site, you need to have an account with Asia NECO. First, you must create your own account by initiating the “Request Registration” process, and, once completed, then search for projects.

If you have any questions on the U.S. Military contracts, please contact us by filling in the inquiry form.

If you are interested in U.S. Military construction projects, we recommend you to sign up with our EECURETY mailing list.

The mailing list provides information on construction projects in Japanese, for free of charge.